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Miracle Facial Oil

How does it work?


This botanical  blend is formulated for optimal  hair follicle stimulation. This allows nutrients to penetrate at a deeper level. Therefore, delivering super FAST RESULTS.

Noticeable results within 7 DAYS! 
(results may vary).

Botanical Blend 🌱 = Hair Follicle Stimulation 

Nutrients being delivered:✔️
Vitamins A, C, E & D
Fatty Acids (Omega 6 & 9)
Peptides (Amino Acids)


This blend not only helps eyelashes, but your hair as well. Receding hairline? Say goodbye!

Skin Benefits

This miracle facial oil can be used as a skin moisturizer/serum. It’s fórmula is packed with nutrients such as

Vitamins A, C, E & D
Fatty Acids (Omega 6 & 9)
Peptides (Amino Acids)

These ingredients provide the skin with antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties, natural UV protection, anti-aging and acne fighting benefits. Collagen and elastin production is activated making this miracle facial oil the optimum skin care product.