How to use it?

Grow Your Eyelashes 

This miracle facial oil can be used on eyelashes, face and scalp. The blend has a thick consistency, a little bit goes a long way. Let it set and work it’s magic.The oil will penetrate into the skin. Won’t leave oily residue. 

Follow instructions depending on desired used.

Patch test on skin first. If irritation occurs (highly unlikely) wash it off and discontinue use.

  For Eyelash Use Only

Pour a tiny amount on your hand or fingers. Close your eyes, apply over  eyelashes and massage it through. Apply twice daily. In the morning before makeup and at night before going to bed. Always apply on clean eyes/face and work with clean hands.


For Eyelash and Face Use

Pour one pump on your hand, start on your eyelashes first. Following the steps above, then evenly apply the rest on your face.


For Scalp Application (hair growth)

Apply oil directly on to scalp and massage it through.